Embedded networks benefits to developers and end users

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Opting for embedded networks will prove beneficial, especially now that the barriers to access have been reduced when AEMC finalised the changes made to the National Electricity Rules.

The final rule specifies that an accredited embedded network manager will perform the market interface functions that will establish a link between the National Electricity Market systems and embedded network customers. This will also trigger changes in the network exemption guideline of the AER and in the relevant procedures of the AEMO.

An embedded network in itself brings benefits to both property developers and end-users. The changes will boost advantages.

What is an embedded network?

This refers to the electrical wiring of apartment blocks, shopping centres, retirement villages, caravan parks and the like that is configured to allow the site owner to sell energy to residents or tenants.

Since the owner can buy energy by bulk, the purchase price is lower and any savings made is passed on to the end-users.

Why should property developers opt for embedded networks?

Ongoing income streams

This is especially true for developers that build and sell properties. As written on the website https://www.enmsolutions.com.au/, it’s a “simple and effective way of producing additional funds.”

It lowers building management fees for an attractive marketing differential that developers can leverage.

Subsidise maintenance

As buildings age and require maintenance, developers can use the ongoing income stream to fund for such needs. This results in lower ongoing owners corporation fees that property purchases can directly benefit.

Developers who build a site and then retain and manage it, on the other hand, can enjoy an incremental revenue stream from embedded networks. Incorporating an embedded network provides developers with an opportunity to access the wholesale energy market and purchase electricity by bulk.

How will end users benefit from an embedded network?

Lower electricity costs

Tenants in an electrical embedded network gets a lower or better price for electricity bills. This is thanks to the building-centric buying group that such a network creates. Visit at ENM Solutions

Better payment arrangement

End users do not need to commit to a pay-on-time contract, which requires them to pay an amount that is determined on whether they pay by direct debit or using a credit card.

Residential customers enjoy several rights in an embedded network. These include:

  • Receiving and paying bills with a clear and set time frames
  • Flexible payment options for when a tenant experiences financial difficulty
  • Clear and reasonable procedures for disconnection

The same rights apply to retail or commercial customers.

All end-users are entitled to energy charges that are lower than what traditional providers impose.

Now that you know the benefits of embedded networks for developers, find a partner you can work with.

Hire an independent embedded network consulting company such as ENM Solutions to ensure transparency at any stage of the process. With no ties to electricity companies, they can provide you with transparent and impartial advice on the best embedded network operator to partner with.

They will ensure that the network is built to comply with the latest standards of the Power of Choice rule and ensure your site maintains competitive advantage and market share.

For more details, visit https://www.enmsolutions.com.au/.


Post Author: Jade Moore

Jade Moore