Five Misconceptions about Funeral Directors Demystified

Regarded by many people as a dark profession, the work of a funeral director is full of misconceptions. However, it is important to demystify the false thoughts on the profession, so next time you approach a funeral director Adelaide area has to offer, you can have some level of confidence.

Funeral directors lack education and operational license

This is one of the biggest lies about funeral directors. In most states in Australia, a funeral director requires at least 2 years in Mortuary College before applying as for a license. Some states even require an embalming license in addition to the Funeral Director’s license.

After acquiring the license, the person has to work as an intern in a funeral home for at least six months before he or she can become a full-time funeral director. They also need to keep learning in order to gain experience and new developments in the industry. Therefore, when you approach a funeral director Adelaide area has to offer, know that you deal with an expert.

Funeral directors are older men

Unlike in the past, when people used to inherit the profession from their fathers and grandfathers, modern funeral directors are predominantly young people from college. Next time you visit a funeral home, you might be surprised to find a young man or woman in their 40’s as the funeral director. To find more information about a funeral director Adelaide area has to offer, you can consult reliable providers such as Signature Funeral Services.

Most funeral directors are in it for business

This is false, as most, if not all funeral directors, just see it as any other profession. According to them, the profession is just the same as being a police officer, a nurse, or a social worker. Like in these professions, the idea is to help people, when one becomes a funeral director. For example, the main work of a funeral director in Adelaide is to help grieving families to accord their departed loved ones a dignified sendoff. Monetary reward, however, comes after a job well done.

Funeral directors are introverts

If you thought that funeral directors are not sociable, then you need to know that a good number of funeral directors are singers, basketball coaches, and soccer moms, among others. They have deep skills and experience in dealing with people because they handle people at their worst moments every day. So next time you meet a renowned Adelaide funeral director in the mall, exchange a small talk and you can be surprised at the level of conversation you can build.

Funeral directors don’t work on weekends

By nature of their work, they are on service every day because people don’t die on notice. Whenever the phone rings, they are out for service whether it is on a public holiday or during the weekends at any time. They counsel and assist families through their darkest moments to the light of a new day. At the funeral home, they provide resources before and after the funeral.

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Jade Moore