How to Know You Are Hiring the Best Magazine Printing Companies

When interviewing magazine printing companies, it’s not enough for a printer to tell you that they can print everything. There are several factors that you want to check to make sure you are picking the best service provider and not just the first business that can offer you the cheapest prices.

magazine printing companies

Generally, the best magazine publisher printing companies are able to do the following:

Provide quality customer service

How a business deals with their clients says a lot about them. You want to be observant on how prospective magazine printing companies communicate with you, as well as how transparent they are with you. Can they give you the actual cost and not just a quote? Are they honest about the number of copies they are capable of producing daily?

Aside from establishing good lines of communication, check if they are able to provide customer assistance consistently. Do they have a dedicated staff who handles your account directly? You want to make sure you can be well taken care of.

Are able to work with a variety of materials and technologies

The best magazine printing companies keep up with the recent developments and advancements in the industry. They will also be flexible and capable of using different kinds of paper, finishes, effects, etc. You also have to check what type of printing machines they use, as well as the size and condition of their facility.

Offer the most convenience for clients

Understandably, you want to find the most affordable magazine printing company as possible. However, try not to be too focused on the initial prices printers will throw at you. Some companies might charge more, but their prices may already include other services. These can include delivery, conversion of file formats, printing and inserts and inserting them into the magazines, and other services that can make production and distribution so much easier on your end.

Have a good reputation

Have they worked with other magazine publishers and were these clients satisfied? Don’t just take their word for it, ask for samples and check the quality. Do your research on customer’s reviews and dig in a bit into the history of the printer. Do they deliver on their promises? Have they missed any deadlines?

It isn’t necessary to choose a printing company who prints magazines exclusively, but you want to make sure that you work with someone who has the skill, knowledge, and equipment to print high-quality magazines. Therefore, it’s best to select a company who has done jobs similar to what you require.

Extra Tip

Finding the best magazine printers begins by identifying what you need as a publisher. Some companies may be more beneficial for a nationally distributed weekly production and others can be a better fit for a local monthly publication. Service providers can offer something different for their clients, so get to know what services or packages they offer for the price they give.

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Post Author: Jade Moore

Jade Moore