Issues you can prevent by following the recommended Kia service schedule

Kia’s expert mechanics know all of their cars’ parts, from the engine down to the last bolt. They know when each part requires servicing or replacement to keep it running smoothly on Australian roads.

Thus, Kia releases recommended service intervals for each car model and make they have, which car owners can follow as reference. If you have a Kia Rio, for example, you can check the prescribed Kia Rio service schedule Australia centres recommend for your unit.

Such a schedule can act as a guide to help you gauge the condition of specific parts. For example, Kia suggests replacing your cabin filters every 3 months, which helps provide sufficient clean air for your air conditioning system. Other parts have different needs, thus they require different service interval schedule. And that’s what Kia wants you to take note to help you take care of your car.

Problems you can avoid by following Kia’s recommended service intervals

Yes, Kia recommended maintenance schedule can help you avoid bigger problems since it encourages proper and regular upkeeps. Such problems you can avoid are:

Damages which requires major repairs

Simply following the recommended schedule can steer you away from large unnecessary repair. For example, changing engine filters of your Kia Carnival regularly helps keep major engine problems away. That can help you avoid lengthy days without your car because of inconvenient servicing. Moreover, Kia Carnival service intervals can keep you away from unexpected expenses as well.

Shorter car lifespan

Failing to follow the recommended service interval can lead to different technical problems. That’s because some of those issues are hard to notice, but could take the toll when left without proper attention. It can possibly affect other parts in the long run too. And that can drastically pull down the lifespan of your car—from the average of 9 years down to 5 years.

Poor fuel efficiency

Missing regular servicing can decrease the functional efficiency of many parts, thus pulling down the fuel economy of your Kia car. For example, Kia Rio requires oil lubrication top-up every 3 to 6 months or depending on Australian weather and environmental factors.

Missing such schedule can leave you with dry gears in your car, which makes the engine burn more fuel in shorter mileage. This is why the Kia Rio service schedule Australia centres advise is helpful in controlling your fuel expenses.

Poor performance

Combining all the problems above could certainly lead to poor road performance. It can make your car sluggish, produce unusual noise, and create too many vibrations. A car in such a condition demands costly maintenance and repairs as well. And that’s all because of missing regular servicing.

Unfavourable resale value

Finally, any cars with poor maintenance and servicing have lesser resale value on the market. And that’s regardless of you planning to sell it privately or in a dealership. Thus, if you’re thinking of selling your Kia Rio car, later on, be sure to follow the suggested Kia Rio service interval for best investment returns.

Kia cares for your automobile and it wants you to avoid big hassles because of parts wearing out. Thus, it releases the recommended service intervals for each car model. Just be sure, however, to keep such schedule in mind to avoid the problems listed above.

And if you don’t know the recommended service interval for Kia Rio, you can connect with for inquiries. They can provide you with the official Kia Rio service schedule Australia centres suggest for your car, which can serve as your maintenance guide.

Post Author: Jade Moore

Jade Moore