Things To Consider To Find The Best Student Accommodation In Brisbane

Nowadays, studying abroad becomes a trend for students. One of the popular study destinations worldwide is Australia, which offers not just quality education but also the finest Central student accommodation among other countries.

According to the 2017 statistics, there are more than 700,000 international students who are studying in the country and more than 300,000 of these are enrolled in higher education. If you’re planning to add the numbers then choosing the university and programme is not the only thing you should consider but also the accommodation.

You might be wondering which city in Australia offers the most comprehensive university as well as a livable place for international students or even students coming from other cities. Well, you should consider South Bank, Brisbane because it is the home to some of the country’s highest-rated universities like The University of Queensland (UQ), Queensland University of Technology (QUT), and Griffith University.

As a student abroad, you’ll be studying for at least a year or more so there should be a lot to consider before choosing the Central student accommodation right for you. To help you get started, have a look at this following list.

  • Distance from the university. 

One of the most important things you should consider is the location. Of course, you prefer accommodation which is near to your university. When you’re new to a place it is recommended that the place you’re staying is just a walking distance or just one right away. Obviously, the nearer the accommodation to the university then the more it’s expensive but student accommodation South Bank University offers affordable rates. You can try visiting Student One’s website.

  • Quality rooms and facilities. 

Most of the accommodation prefers students who stay longer and if you’re one of them consider a quality room and facilities. You’ll be staying for a year or more so it’s important to have a comfortable room as well as better communal facilities. Choose the accommodation that has rooms and facilities where you can relax, feel safe and even helps you achieve higher grades.

  • Reliable connectivity. 

Always remember that you’re not only staying in your room for you to sleep but it is also an area where you can study or will be doing school works. This is why it is important that you have a reliable internet connection. If you’re staying in the Central student accommodation that lies in the heart of Brisbane, then internet connection isn’t a problem.

  • Great service and security. 

Find out if accommodation offers great service and security. Nothing is more important than feeling safe so stay in a place that has the staff to ensure your safety. You never have to worry because most of the student accommodation in South Bank University guarantees great service and security as they have standards to follow.

  • Hospitable community. 

If you’re a new international student, it is normal that you feel shy and awkward with other students in the residence but if you’re staying in a hospitable community you’ll be able to socialize better and make new friends. Student One isn’t just a place for a student to stay but it also feels like home because of its community.

This list will surely help you choose the best student accommodation that will your preferences and requirements and if you’re looking student accommodation near UQ (University of Queensland), the best site you should visit is here –

Post Author: Jade Moore

Jade Moore